There are two things that young people need in life to become successful:

Education & A Good Mentor

We are working together to meet this need in our youth today.

HCRC use tutoring as a way to help parents to help their children with school. In most schools homework counts for 20% to 25% of a student’s grade. We understand that homework plays a big part in a child’s education. For one, homework reinforces what is taught in the classroom. Sometimes children and adults have to hear something two are three times before they retain it. In some case there are so many distractions in a classroom throughout the day that it can be hard for a child to fully understand what is being taught to them. Many times parents cannot help children with homework for a variety of reasons. As a result children in our community are not being educated to live up to their full potential. HCRC believes every child can lean and has the right to do so.

Through HCRC homework help assistance we have seen a tremendous change in our students grades. Almost all over our students have gone up a letter grade in all subjects. We teach our student the value of an education. They learn that it is important to make A’s and B’s because this shows that they are retaining 85% to 100% of the material that they are taught.

Come pick up an application today or register online! After completing the applications, the student can come to our tutoring locations below during the specified times.

Tutoring Locations

Algiers Regional Branch – New Orleans Public Library
3014 Holiday Drive, New Orleans LA 70131
Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Norman Mayer Branch – New Orleans Public Library
3001 Gentilly Boulevard, New Orleans LA 70122

Tutoring begins August 22, 2016
Monday, and Wednesday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm
2nd Floor


NORDC St. Bernard Recreation Center

1500 Lafreniere Street

(Gentilly) New Orleans LA 70122

Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm