Hope Community Resource Center provides summer tutoring and camps to children in the community. The program provides snacks or meals doing the summer. Every year we evaluate our student as a hold. To see what early our student need the most. That will be the focus for our summer program. The first year we do phones. The second year we did writhing. Parents have expressed that their children are doing better in school and making progress academically.

In the summer of 2015, HCRC partnered with the Kiwanis Ponchartrain Club (KPC) and the Algiers Regional Library to provide a summer reading program for 15 students from various schools, both public and private, across the city. The library has provided selected books for the students that are geared to specific grade levels. The students are encouraged to read at least one age-appropriate book per week, and are assisted in writing book reports using complete sentences featuring correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Dictionaries have been provided for the students use by KPC. Any new words encountered in their reading are looked up as part of the book report. KPC also provides healthy snacks and juice for the work sessions each week. The program encourages parental involvement, and several volunteered to help with the book report writing sessions each week. The program will run for ten weeks (June 9 to August 11).

At the end of the program, KPC provide certificates for all student who completes at least five book reports, Raising Cane’s coupons and backpack. One of Hope Community Resource Center middle school student, Middly, a 5th grade student was the winner for completes most books and book reports. She received a bicycle with helmet and lock.

Another of HCRC elementary school students, Gregory a 3rd grade student was the winner for grade 1st through 4th grade who read the most. He also received a bicycle with helmet and lock.

Hope Community Resource Center students also took part in the summer reading program at Algiers Regional Library. Student received certificate and coupons for, Wendy, Raising Canes, Laser Tag, Library and Skate Country.

During the summer of 2015, Hope Community Resource Center in partnership with Kiwanis Club Pontchartrain and the Algiers Regional Library, conducted a ten week Bikes for Books Summer Reading Program. KCP through its district grant provided snacks and juice for each two-hour weekly session conducted at the library. Books selection was chosen from the American Library Association ALA Summer Reading list Algiers Regional Library provided selected and made accessible appropriate books for all grade levels. During the sessions, four tutors worked with students individually and within small groups to assist them in completing book reports for each book read. At the end of those ten weeks, the highest reading student in both 4 the upper and lower grade levels was awarded with a bicycle, bike helmet and lock. All of the participating students received certificates, book bags and Raisin’ Cane food coupons at a closing award ceremony.