The Hope Community Resource Center is a partnership among, parents, youth, and the community committed to nurturing, supporting, educating, and strengthening family life through quality child, youth, and family development. The Center serves the Grater New Orleans area and facilitates child and family issues with an emphasis on community collaboration.

At Hope Community Resource Center, we are dedicated to the empowerment of families and youth through partnerships with family and community to facilitate learning which fosters social and success, producing lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and positively impacting the future generation.

Since 2010 HCRC has been focused on two goals:

Helping poor urban youth benefit from frequent participation in quality education and enrichment programming.

Assisting students in the Greater New Orleans area to develop the educational foundation that they need.


Following the devastation of the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the public school system has undergone its own restructuring. Instead of a single school district, there are now more than 30 school districts which were created through the establishment of independent charters, state sponsored charters, and district charters. This has caused inconsistency within the school systems and uneven standards for students. This multiple school governance allows many of the poor, underprivileged, as well as uninformed students to fall into large gaps created among the systems. Students are left on their own to struggle through these inequitable systems. Parents cannot afford to pay exorbitant amounts of money for tutoring. The students are often retained or placed in their correct grades due solely to age constraints. As a result, students’ academic standings are not improving. Parents and children are at the mercy of the schools to supplement their children’s education. Many schools do not account for the struggling students, nor are they prepared to work with them to bring the students to grade level. In addition, underserved students are dropping out of schools and into circumstances that facilitate their entry into a life of crime. The high crime rate in New Orleans reflects the number of juveniles who have been unsuccessful in school and have despaired of positive directions for their lives. There is a lack of programs for our youth, especially free, educationally based programs. Statistics show that disengaged youth often turn to a life of crime.


Hope Community Resource Center is Born

A group of concerned educators, led by Ms. Jacobs, established Hope Community Resource Center (HCRC) to address the needs of children and families in the Greater New Orleans area by providing after school and summer programs to assist students with their educational progress. Its mission is to build a strong academic presence in the lives of the students served through the provision of innovative educational services provided directly or through highly engaged partners.


HCRC collaborates with New Orleans Public Library to provide resources for parents and children, tutoring and mentorship. As students interact with tutors and program staff, they are better able to set realistic goals and are encouraged to reach for these goals and improve their overall academic performances.

New Orleans Public Library partnership was established

HCRC partnership begin tutoring and mentoring in East New Orleans Library. Later, tutoring services expanded to the Norman Mayer Library on Gentilly Blvd. Eventually, HCRC expanded again to include the Algiers Regional library.


Southern University Child Development and Family Studies

Southern University at New Orleans Child development and Family Studies partnership allowed internship opportunities to college students and to gain first-hand experience in their respective fields. Also, the parents were involved with the Center through the parental involvement training resources which were provided for Southern University at New Orleans Child development and family studies.

Kiwanis Of Ponchartrain

Kiwanis of Ponchartrain provide snacks and juices of students in the tutoring program at Algiers Regional Library and Norman Mayer Library. Also the sponsor our summer reading program Bikes of Books. The students are encouraged to read at least one age-appropriate book per week, and are assisted in writing book reports using complete sentences featuring correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Students who read and done the most book reports have a chance to win a bicycle with helmet and lock.

NORDC Recreation Center

HCRC began working on a partnership with NORDC Recreation Center provide tutoring for students in elementary and middle school at the St. Bernard Center 1500 Lafayette Street in Gentilly Louisiana 70122. As a result on August 1, 2017. Hope Community Resource Center we will be providing tutoring and mentoring as part of the cultural enrichment program.

Our Tutors

Noreen W. Jacobs

Ms. Noreen Worthy Jacobs is the Executive Director of the Hope Community Resource Center (HCRC) in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has worked as an educator in the New Orleans public school system for many years. Ms. Jacobs, a New Orleans …

Myra Marion Lewis

Myra Marion Lewis was Assistant Director at Dillard University Deep South Center for Environmental Justice with responsibility for all education and training grants. Dr. Lewis earned a Bachelor’s degree in science education from Xavier University in 1967, and a joint …

Rakim Ambeau

Rakim Ambeau is a 21 year old psychology student studying at the Southern University at New Orleans. Ms. Ambeau is excited and grateful to be a part of the Hope Community Resource Center and truly enjoys working with the children, …

Charisse Becnel

My name is Charisse Becnel. I am a Junior at Southern University at New Orleans, majoring in Biology. I aspire to be an OB/GYN Doctor and own my clinic. I am a part of the National Institue of Science (NIS), …

Mary McKinnon

Mary McKinnon’s career began with her taking a job at a day care center near her home in New Orleans at eighteen years After working for about eighteen months, Ms. McKinnon was encouraged to begin attending a university for teacher …